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Frequently Asked Questions

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When does the comic update?
Currently, every Monday. I try to update around midnight EST, but if I don’t for whatever reason, expect it at some point throughout the day. Please keep in mind that this schedule is always subject to change based on my buffer and how much my freelance workload is! See “Do you work on the comic full-time?” for more details.

What tools do you use to draw the comic with?
The comic is done completely digitally (minus some rough thumbnailing and storyboarding I’ll scribble on paper) in the program Clip Studio Paint Pro with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet.

Do you work on the comic full-time?
No, I wish! I’m currently a freelance artist and a lot of my income comes from commissions. If I worked full-time on the comic it’d sure be updating more than just two times a week, haha. Sammie Squirrel is basically a side project I do in my spare time. If the comic is experiencing a cut in updates per week or a hiatus, please understand that I have to pay bills so commissions and freelance work have to be prioritized.

Do you have a Patreon?
Not at the moment! The comic is still fairly new so I figure a Patreon probably won’t do much for me. I’ll look into one in the future, though! If you have ideas or suggestions for patron reward tiers please let me know what you’d like to see from me!

How did you make your website?
The website is hosted by DreamHost and runs on WordPress with the Inkblot theme and Comic Easel plugin. The theme was all customized by myself and my very amateur knowledge of CSS and PHP.

Can I commission you to draw my character(s)?
Of course! Freelance art is my full-time job so I’m always open. I prefer to be contacted on Twitter through a direct message in regards to commissions but if you don’t have one or just prefer another method, shoot me an e-mail at

When does the comic take place?
The year and environment runs on a sort of “cartoon logic” and is eternally stuck in the late 1920’s (like 1928 or 1929 to be exact) to reflect that this world’s inhabitants are straight out of a late 1920’s cartoon. Time passes normally and the characters age, but the year is constant— this year is 1928, last year was 1928, and next year will be 1928. So needless to say, the year just isn’t really mentioned or questioned in this world (i.e. a newspaper would just list the current day and month but not the year).

What state is Doodleton in?
I created Doodleton to be basically an Anywhere, USA location, but I honestly like to think it’s somewhere in the northeastern part of the United States.

Are there humans in the Toon World?
Nope! Not in Sammie’s World! The Toon World is full of monochrome, rubber hose, anthropomorphic animals.

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